KiddiLove L20


Size L

20 pcs
Pants type

KiddiLove products are designed to cater to your baby’s every need, focusing specifically on maximising comfort and protecting your baby’s delicate skin so that you can focus on nurturing his or her growth in a loving environment.

Product Features:

1. Extra Soft Stay-Dry Backsheet
The clothlike structure of KiddiLove’s extra soft stay-dry backsheet ensures that your baby’s skin stays fresh all day long by keeping diaper rash, bacterial growth and moisture at bay.

2. Super Absorbent Core
Fused with water absorbing granules that lock away any hint of moisture to the diaper’s core, KiddiLove now allows your baby to enjoy longer lasting comfort without interruption.

3. Standing Leak Guards
Enjoy quality time with your baby without worries when you have KiddiLove’s standing leak guards to provide your baby superior leakage protection until the next diaper change.

4. Body Contoured Design
KiddiLove diapers are equipped to accommodate your baby’s physique to a perfect and comfortable fit with our innovative body contoured design.

5. Strong Refastenable Velcro Tapes
Adjustable, flexible and softer on your baby’s skin, KiddiLove diapers can be refastened as many times as necessary to accommodate your baby’s every movement.

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